The Do’s & Don’ts of Engagement Photo Outfits

There are few events or photos in our lives that we hold onto & cherish truly forever - and your engagement photos are one of those moments! These are photos you could be using for save the dates, invitations, and tons of other decor/momentums throughout your engagement/wedding celebrations. SO, it was super important to me that I loved the heck out of these photos ,which meant loving what I was wearing. Below are a few do’s & don’ts that I have put together from my own experience - hopefully this can help my engaged girls find the perfect outfit that will make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful!


  • DO wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. I know this seems like common sense - but it’s so important! Sure, you may find the cutest dress ever - but if you can’t breathe in it, can’t move in it, pulling it down the entire time, or constantly worried about your bra or underwear showing…it’s NOT worth it! The dress and uncomfortable-ness will totally show through on your face in the photos - trust me.

  • DO wear clothes that you can move in. This kind of goes with he comfortable rule, but I totally underestimated how much you actually move and interact with each other throughout the shoot. You may not be climbing up a huge rock like we did, but even in our home shoot - we were being playful, running around, laying on the couch, the floor, etc. - so make sure it’s an outfit that looks good while you are moving.

  • DO stick to neutrals. This may be more of a personal preference because I’m a neutrals gal, but neutral colors really do just photograph so much better. You want the photos to be about you & your fiancé, not the crazy colored blouse or dress you are wearing. Black, grey, cream, white, beige, dark burgundy, dark olive - are all winners, especially if you have beautiful scenery behind you!

  • DO show a little skin. Okay so I’m not talking about wearing a mini dress or crop top - but showing a little skin (in my opinion) is just so natural & pretty in photos! Whether it’s an off-the-shoulder top, or a dress with an (appropriate) slit in it - a little pop of skin can add a little something extra to each outfit. You can still show skin & make it classy!

  • DO go barefoot in at home shoots. Trust me, your feet will not be the center of attention in photos - but being barefoot make an at home shoot seem so much more real, natural and relaxed!

  • DO wear comfortable heels. The tall, platform shoes are cute, girl - but they aren’t always comfy. Wear shoes that you don’t have to worry about!

  • DO choose outfits that show off your favorite features. If you’ve got beautiful, super model legs - SHOW ‘EM OFF GIRL! If you’ve got rock solid arms or beautiful shoulders - FLAUNT IT! It does goes both ways - if you are more self conscious about your arms, find a beautiful dress with long sleeves! There’s ways to work around everything, and if you are confident in what you are wearing…you will love the photos so much more.


  • DON’T wear turtle necks. This kills me - because I do love me a cozy, classy turtle neck. But they do not photograph well. You lose your neck and like I said before, a little skin can be really flattering in photos. If you do find the perfect dress or top that is a turtle neck, maybe opt for a sleeveless option, so you are not completely hiding your beautiful self underneath the turtle neck!

  • DON’T wear crazy patterns or prints. I’m all for a good striped tee or sweater - but not for photos. Sometimes it’s not flattering, and instead distracting. Keep logos or brands very minimal, too!

  • DON’T wear the exact same color as your fiancé. That’s what will give you the awkward family photo vibes. Instead, choose colors the compliment each other!

  • DON’T over layer. A beautiful cami & cardigan is a great option - but any more layers than that will get bunchy & unflattering. Keep it simple!

  • DON’T over accessorize. This is not the time for huge statement earrings or a chunky necklace - keep it simple with dainty, delicate jewelry - so the focal point of the photos is still you & your fiancé!

  • DON’T wear oversized or long tops. Normally, I am HERE for oversized sweaters & tops, but not for engagement photos. You lose your shape - and it won’t look good from all angles. You can still rock the cozy look by trying to find blouses that sit right at your pant line - which will make your legs appear longer & slimmer!

  • DON’T wear makeup or a hairstyle that you normally wouldn’t. You want to look like yourself, girl! Today is not the day to go for an up-do, or the bold, dramatic fake eyelashes, a smokey eye and red lipstick if that’s not the look you wear every day. Keep it real & true to yourself.

Need help shopping?

I have a whole post with examples & outfits that I recommend here.

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