Well, we did it! The first ever Best Life Live was a SUCCESS! Putting on & hosting an event like this has been a dream locked in my heart for so long and I can’t even begin to describe how it felt to finally let it free, and see it come to life. This community that we have built over the past couple of years has meant the world to me - for so many different reasons. The main reason being — I am a girl’s girl & I love me some GIRL TIME! Since moving to Austin, TX…I haven’t exactly had a lot of that since all of my best girlfriends + family are back up north in Michigan or in Nashville. So, for the past couple of years, this community has given me that “girl time” — and I’m so thankful for it.

So when I had this crazy idea to host an event like Best Life Live, it was simply because I needed some GIRL TIME! And, I wanted to finally meet all of you in person. I think it’s safe to say that this event exceeded my wildest dreams - hugging all of you, talking to all of you, and inspiring you meant the world to me. I’m so excited that this is just the beginning of Best Life Live - and I can’t wait to have more shows!

SO, for all of you that couldn’t make it - here’s a special inside look at what exactly went down. From the topics we talked about, to the decor, to the cookies, sponsors, and GRAND FINALE… I’m covering it all!




This event could have NOT have been possible without the amazing sponsors that wanted to hook these beautiful ladies up! I wanted to include brands that I already loved & brands that the girls saw me love on & talk about in my stories - and I couldn’t believe how many wanted to be a part of BLL! We had big giveaways from At Home, Revision Skincare, Hotel Van Zandt, VICI, Daily Deposit, Soul Cycle and Bare Performance Nutrition! The adorable and inspiring swag bags were provided by Lulusimon Studio, and we had even MORE goodies from Honest Hazel, Revision Skincare, St. Tropez, SheGlows.Co and more!



Let’s get to the good stuff! I planned this event completely from scratch - which was really exciting because I could make it what I wanted…but it was also absolutely terrifying because I had no foundation to get me started. I thought I would have a difficult time talking that long… but it was actually really difficult to squeeze it all in! Here’s how the show went down:

The Best Home - This is the segment where we talked about all things home! I went over my decorating do’s & don’ts - and I even brought a few gals up on stage with me to help me decorate our set…which was actually my ACTUAL living room from my house! I wanted it to feel like home, so why not bring my home to the stage?! At the end of this segment a few lucky girls walked away with gift cards to At Home, wine glasses & charcuterie boards and even some custom home decor!

The Best Body- This wasn’t a segment where I told the girls what diet to try or how to get six pack abs…this is where we talked all about the RELATIONSHIP we have with our body. This segment was definitely the closest to my heart and was something I could have talked about for hours. I took them through my personal story + journey to balance & body love - and I also took the girls through a group exercise that could help them visualize that we are really NOT alone in having a negative self image. At the end of this segment, a few lucky gals walked away with free soul cycle classes, my favorite BPN supplement stack, and of course — tons of bottles of my favorite supplement, Strong Greens!

The Best You- This segment was all about what is holding you back, and how to get PAST those limiting beliefs we have for ourselves. This segment was lead my a dear friend of mine, Holly Mihelic - who has been my friend for years and is an amazing and talented life coach. She has been there for me during confusing, unfulfilling and “stuck” times of my life. This is where we dug a little deep, and got to the root of why we aren’t going after what we want. Brave girls got on the microphone and made promises to themselves & their dreams that they would keep after they left BLL. It was powerful.

After the last segment, I gave the girls ONE last pep talk and we ended the night with even MORE giveaways!



I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WE PULLED THIS OFF. The day before Best Life Live, this sweet guy (Micah) reached out to me with a CRAZY idea. His girlfriend, Britt was driving from Houston to attend BLL with her sister. Micah had been thinking about proposing to Britt for a while, and thought that surprising her at the end of the event would be the perfect way to surprise her and catch her COMPLETELY off guard…and I think it’s safe to say that he was right! Micah knew that her nails would be done, she would be all dressed up, drinking wine & having fun all night long - aka the PERFECT opportunity to pop the question. The man is smart!

The minute I read the e-mail I immediately hopped on FaceTime with Micah to plan this all out - I was ALL ABOUT IT! By the end of the phone call, the plan was set. Here’s how it went down:

-Micah came to the venue a few hours early to check everything out & become familiar with the space. It was so sweet getting to meet him before it all happened.

- Micah was actually upstairs the ENTIRE event! Poor guy! Britt even tried to FaceTime Micah during the beginning of the event so he could talk to Nick..we were DYING! Of course he couldn’t answer. If only she knew that he was upstairs.

- I ended the show with a few last giveaways, and left the “Grand Prize” giveaway for the end. I told the girls that this was a total surprise, and whoever’s name I “randomly” picked (which we planned to be Britt’s) would have to blindfolded because the “prize” would have to be brought out to her. Britt came up on stage & was such a trooper - and as soon as that blindfold was secured, Micah walked in and made his way to the stage. The girls were FREAKING. OUT. But poor Britt couldn’t see anything!

-I’ll never forget the moment I took off her blindfold. Look at her face! It’s priceless. And it was so beautiful. Micah then got down on one knee, we popped some champagne & celebrated the newly engaged couple!

WHAT. A. FINALE. How will I ever top this?!


As you can see, this night was just an ABSOLUTE dream. I’m so blessed to have such a strong community of beautiful, smart & driven women. The only question left to answer is…where do we go next?!