My Stranded-On-An-Island MUST HAVE Products!


Okay…so I know these items wouldn’t exactly be practical if I were stranded on an island…but you get the point I’m trying to make, right girl?! These are some of my favorite products that I use almost every single day that I truly could not live without! From the comfiest sports bra ever, to my beloved Nespresso that starts my morning off right! What are some of your must-have products?!

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy - Because what’s worse than having chapped lips, right?! I have this cute lil guy in my bathroom drawers, my gym bag, my purses, etc - it’s the absolute best way to keep your lips moisturized year round.

2. Makeup For EverFull Cover Concealer - I think I’ve tried every concealer under the sun, and this is always my OG that I somehow always end up going back to! This stuff is like cement, you guys! It’s full-coverage, and isn’t too creamy where it just smudges off, and it’s not too dry where it sets in your wrinkles. If you have dark circles like I do, you NEED this concealer!

3. IT! Cosmetics CC Cream - If you’re stranded on an island, you need some SPF! Well actually, you need SPF every single day girl - and that’s why I love this CC cream so much! It’s medium-coverage, smells amazing, goes on smooth & has 50+ SPF! I use this as my “foundation” most days…it’s the best!

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel - You may have seen this product for your face, but did you know they also make it for your body?! I am ADDICTED to this stuff! It really hydrates your skin and LEAVES it hydrated. It’s light, smells great - and a bottle seems like it lasts forever!

5. Pure Silk Pillowcase - This is the product you never knew you needed! Silk pillowcases are all of the hype right now and I am HERE for it! If you are a face sleeper like me - you need one of these! It’s way less harsher on your face & hair. It feels amazing & you’ll have way less of those crazy sleep lines when you wake up!

6. Baseball Hat - Okay you guys, if you buy ANYTHING from this list…MAKE IT BE THIS HAT!! I am a BIG hat girl. And this is the best. hat. in. the. world. You know those hats that make your head look weird? Or too big? Or they hurt your head? Yeah, this is NOT that hat. It comes in all of the basic/neutral colors so grab one if every single color because they are the best hats EVERRRR! (shoutout to my girl Carrie Underwood for this design…she WOULD come out with the perfect hat!)

7. Warby Parker Percey Glasses - You guys ask about my glasses all of the time…and here they are! They are by Warby Parker and I couldn’t live without them! Partially because my eye sight gets worse & worse every single day…but I love throwing these on when I need a break from my contacts or am staring at a screen all day. Warby Parker has the cutest frames ever!

8. Wet Brush - Whether you have long hair or short hair - you NEED this brush. It’s the best way to detangle your hair pain-free! It’s been a life saver with my extensions. It is such a gentle brush and leaves your hair so soft!

9. Nespresso Coffee Machine - If you’re like me, there’s no coffee before talkie in the morning. While I love myself a good cup of coffee from the old fashioned pot - this has stepped up my coffee game so much! I can never get through a full cup of coffee before it gets cold…and this has been the perfect solution! If you’re feeling extra fancy, make sure you order the frother so you can make homemade lattes!

10. Tinkle Razors - Don’t act like you are surprised that these are on the list! Of course I need my tinkle razors! If y’all don't know, about once a week I actually SHAVE my face with a tinkle razor. It’s an at home, affordable version of “dermaplaning” and I love it! It leaves your face super soft, and gets rid of all dead skin cells and extra peach fuzz. It also helps your makeup go on like butter!

11. Revision Skincare Retinol - You know I HAD to bring something from Revision! If I had to bring one Revision product with me, this would be it. It’s an anti-aging army…and has been proven to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines & improve your skins texture. You definitely have to work your way up to using Retinol, but the long term effects are amazing!

12. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - They really are magic! Whether it’s for cleaning my shutters, shelves, sink or gym shoes - they literally can clean ANYTHING! And, they are super affordable. You need these in your life if you like things to be sparkling clean!

13. Zella Seamless Sports Bra - Okay I am just as fired up for this sports bra as I am for the baseball hat. THIS IS THE BEST. SPORTS BRA. EVER. I don’t have HUGE “girls” - but I still love me some support, and this is the only sports bra that gives me that. It fits and feels like a glove, nothing is digging into your skin, and they are CUTE! Whether I’m heading to Soul Cycle, the gym to lift weights, or taking Ryder on a long hike - this is the OPRAH of sports bras. I am SERIOUS!

14. Reebok Guresu Training Shoes - Okay here I go again…THE BEST TRAINING SHOES EVER! I’ve already had three pairs of these (mostly because Ryder loves shoes, ugh) but I love them that much! And you girls know, when you find a good pair of training shoes…you stay loyal to them! They are comfortable, light and go with just about everything!

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