Our New Texas Home: The Kitchen

THE KITCHEN! My sacred place, my favorite place, the heart of the home! The number one thing I looked for during our house hunt was a big, beautiful bright & white kitchen! This one was just too perfect. This is where we spend 90% of our time when we are home - so it was important to me that it was the exact way we wanted it. When we moved in, it was pretty basic - it didn’t have any appliances, hardware on the cabinets/drawers and very basic light fixtures. Well I think it’s safe to say that hardware & light fixtures can go a long way - it totally transformed our kitchen & gave it that modern farmhouse feel! My personal opinion when it comes to decorating, is that less is more - I hate cluttered countertops and overly-busy decor. This kitchen is simple, clean and such an inspiring place for me to cook & entertain. I’ve linked every little detail down below - from our fridge to the hardware, to the barstools!


Stefany BandaComment