Our New Texas Home: The Mudroom


When we walked into our house for the first time during our home search, THIS was one of the features that got me the most excited! Not a fancy kitchen, spacious bathroom or home office…the mudroom, ha! I’ve always wanted a cozy & cute closet mudroom, and we finally got it! It’s right off of our garage, and it’s such a convenient place to put groceries, shoes, keys, the dog leash, etc! I love the modern farmhouse feel it gives our home right when you walk in.

While this was already built into our home, there are a ton of ways to dupe this design for an affordable price! You can buy complete hall trees on Wayfair, which does all the work for you! And they are NOT expensive you guys, I’m talking under $200! It didn’t take much to spice up this area - just a few baskets, a welcoming sign, some good solid hooks - and voila, the coziest entry to your home is complete!


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Stefany Banda