Cozy Winter Home Decor

So the holidays are officially over - which means your holiday decorations are (hopefully!) taken down by now and put back into storage until next year! This happens to me every year - I take down the Christmas tree & other decorations, and my house feels NAKED! It takes a while to get used to, but I do love having the cleanliness & simplicity back.

Another question mark I face is, how the heck do I decorate my house if it’s no longer Christmas, but we aren’t anywhere near spring or summer? I love still having a warm, cozy, wintery vibe going on until the spring - so today I’m going to show you I did just that! For the post-holiday winter months…I love to incorporate tons of faux fur & cable knit pieces. I still like to stay within my neutral, bright & white color scheme - which also adds a beautiful wintery touch to it.

Everything in the photos you see is linked below. I hope this give you some cozy, winter inspiration! If you are curious about where I got some of my bigger furniture pieces, those are linked in this house tour post.

  1. Chunky Cable Knit Throw - $75 from Wayfair ( I have it in gray)

  2. Large Faux Fur Pillow - $25 from Bed, Bath & Beyond (I have it in silver)

  3. Grey Velvet Pillow Covers - 2 for $12 from Etsy

  4. Large Cable Knit Pillow - $70 from Bed, Bath & Beyond (make sure you use a coupon!)

  5. Marble & Gold Candles - I got from Home Goods, but here are some similar options:

  6. White Flower Centerpiece - Again, got this from Home Goods, but here are some similar options:

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