DIY Housewarming Basket


It seems that I'm at the age were so many of my friends are buying new homes or moving! I guess this is the age where that "new chapter" begins - it's such an exciting time!

But let's keep it real - such an exciting time can unfortunately come with a lot of pricy purchases and stress. So, one of my favorite things to do for friends or family during this time is make them a little "housewarming" basket - filled with small, thoughtful gifts that make them smile and stress a little less.

It doesn't have to be pricy or extravagant - sometimes it's all about the little things, right? Feel free to make the basket personal to each friend, family member or couple - add in little bits of humor, or things they wouldn't think they need!

This basket was made for right around $100 - all from my favorite one-stop-shop, Target!

Here's the lowdown:

Round Wicker Basket - $18.99

Mini Artificial Succulent - $5.99

Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4) - $2 each

Rosemary Candle - $12.99

Hand Lotion - $9.99

Two piece Oven Mint Set - $5

Coffee Mugs (2) - $2 each (add in Starbucks gift cards for an extra treat!)

Dish Towels - $3.99

Poo-Pourri - $9.99

Bottle of Rose - $10

Wine Bottle Opener - $7.99

Salt & Pepper Shakers - $4.99

Kitchen Utensils - $8

Stefany BandaComment