What's In My Gym Bag


Today, I’m letting y’all take a peak inside my gym bag! These are the things that I (and I personally think every girl) needs when she’s working out! From my favorite sports bra, to my favorite supplements - I take you through every little thing & explain why I wouldn’t head to the gym without it!

Everything is linked in the descriptions below.

  1. Lululemon Out of Range Duffel Bag: When it comes to my gym bag, I honestly view it as an investment piece! Because I work at BPN, it’s also become my work bag, ha! So, splurging on a really nice, high-quality gym bag that would be both functional and long-lasting was super important to me! Mine is a few years old, and a new generation of the bag (the one linked) has come out and I already have my eye on it! There are so many compartments, zippers and pockets to keep all of your things organized and easily accessible!

  2. Dove Cucumber + Green Tea Deodorant: I will NEVER use another deodorant! I’ve been using this stuff for years - and it works WONDERS! I even have the matching body wash, that Nick steals & uses all of the time! It’s the perfect refreshing scent that isn’t too overpowering…and it does its job! I get compliments on my scent all the time (kinda weird, I know) and sometimes I’m not even wearing perfume, it’s just this stuff!

  3. BPN Intra-Flight BCAAS: I have seen a tremendous difference in the quality of my training ever since I started drinking BCAAs during every workout. Whether I’m lifting weights, taking a spin class or even going on a bike ride…this stuff is a NECESSITY! This helps eliminate cramping & fatigue, and really keeps my stamina up in the gym. The watermelon flavor is my favorite…it tastes like a watermelon sour patch kid!

  4. Hydroflask Water Bottle: This isn’t just in my gym bag, it goes with me everywhere! I love how much water this can hold, and it helps me stay on track with my hydration goals. I try to drink a gallons worth of water everyday and this definitely makes it easier! Plus, it keeps it super cold all day long.

  5. Avene Spring Water Face Mist: If you live in Texas or somewhere hot, this will be your new best friend! This is the most refreshing, cooling thing ever - and feels so good during or after a workout when you’re drench in sweat. It’s super soothing and is great for sensitive skin.

  6. BPN Shaker Bottle: Ya gotta have something to mix your supplements in, right?! We just got these newer, more high-quality shakers in and they are amazing! I always have at least one of these in my gym bag.

  7. AirPods: Can’t go to the gym without headphones, right?! This takes wireless to a whole new level - the sound is great, they are comfortable AND they stay in your ears while running. Praise Jesus.

  8. BPN Embrace The Suck Pre-Workout: This is my favorite pre-workout ever! I personally don’t love that tingly/itchy feeling that a lot of pre-workouts give you, and this one doesn’t so it’s perfect for me! It doesn’t have beta alanine, and it doesn’t make me crash or get a headache after. The Sour Gummy Candy is to DIE for. You have to try it! (Normally I only take a half scoop on days I need it!)

  9. Zella Seamless Sports Bra: You girls have heard me talk about this sports bra non-stop, and it’s for a good reason! Sometimes it’s just a workout getting INTO your sports bra, but not with this one! It’s seamless, supportive…and insanely comfortable. I love that it has a high neck so it really hides and supports the girls! Do yourself a favor, and get one in every color!

  10. Calia Baseball Cap: This is another item y’all have seen me wear and talk about nonstop! I am a BIG ball cap girl, it’s the best way to not do your hair and still look sporty & cute. Out of all of my baseball hats, this has always been my favorite. It’s comfortable, simple and doesn’t bulge or make your head look weird. Again, buy this in every color!

  11. Shimano Cycling Shoes: If you love taking spin classes like me, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a pair of your own shoes, rather than renting every time! These are the BEST! Comfortable, neutral and easy to clip in. Just remember you have to buy your clips separately, though!

  12. Skillz Resistance Bands: These are an awesome way to really ramp up your workouts! I personally loves throwing these resistance bands into every single leg day, it will leave your legs & booty burning and sore for days!

  13. Lululemon Align Leggings: You already know, girl. I won’t workout in anything else! So smooth. So comfortable. So easy to move in. No camel toes, wedgies, or saggy booties in these leggings!

  14. Hair Ties: These are the holy grail of hair ties! So comfortable, not damaging, and they will hold that pony up no matter what kind of workout your are doing!

  15. Mini Detangling Brush: This cute little guy is a life saver! It’s the best detangling brush EVER. I have the full size one too, but Dry Bar also made a mini one that is perfect for your gym bag!

  16. Apple Watch: If you weren’t wearing your Apple Watch, did you even really workout?! Ha, that’s how I feel! I track every single workout on my Apple Watch…and I love it! It’s a great way to track my heart rate, calories burned and steps for the day.

  17. Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Removing Wipes: I’ll admit, because I work out in the late afternoon/evening I never take off my makeup before working out…but I always make sure to wipe my face clean and take it off right after! This helps prevent your pores from clogging with dirt and sweat, preventing breakouts! I love these wipes - they are gentle and super hydrating!

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