My Morning Routine


Have you noticed how morning routines are allllll the hype right now?! I am here 👏🏻 for👏🏻 it! What you do in the morning sets the foundation for the rest of your day - that’s why it is SO important to have a solid & consistent morning routine that helps set YOU up for success. I put “you” in all caps not just because I’m passionate about it, but because that’s the key here. My morning routine is different than Beyonce’s, and Beyonce’s is different than Joanna Gaine’s morning routine - and that’s okay. That’s how it SHOULD be. You have to build a morning routine that is best fit for YOU. So with that being said, today I’m going to share my morning routine with you - and I’m doing that to hopefully inspire you to build one of your own, to maximize your day. It doesn’t have to look exactly like mine, but as long as you have one that you love and can stick to…that’s what matters!

7am: Good Morning! No matter how hard I have tried in the past…I am just not a natural 5am’er. I was when I used to teach a 6am bootcamp class, but lately my body has felt the most rested and refreshed waking up every day around 7am. Most of the time my alarm clock is Ryder kisses - and then I head straight to the bathroom for my morning skincare routine - which consist of depuffing with my jade roller (I love keeping it in the fridge!), followed by Karee Hay’s Koji Pads, Revision’s Vitamin C Lotion, Teamine Eye Cream and Nectifirm. Then it’s time to brush my teeth, throw on my glasses, robe & slippers - and head into the kitchen. Nick has already been up for at least an hour - so he is VERY chipper! (which I love, hehe)

7:15am: The first thing I do once I’m in the kitchen is fill up my gallon water jug for the day, fill up my Hydro Flask with iced lemon water and take my vitamins + supplements! As of right now when it comes to vitamins, I am taking Ritual’s Women’s Multi-Vitamin, Turmeric for inflammation, UC-II for healthy joints, an allergy pill, and Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails gummies. As far as supplements go, I take BPN Strong Greens every single morning to help with natural energy, digestion + immune health.

7:25am: Finally, time for coffee! I’ll pop in 2 espresso capsules into my Nespresso machine. While that’s brewing, I’ll write a note to Nick in our Relational Deposit, which is a journal that allows you to write little notes or words of encouragement back & forth with your partner or loved one. It’s so special & such a sweet keepsake! Once my coffee is ready, I’ll add in some sugar-free creamer, and head over to the dining room table to set my intentions + plan for the day ahead of me!

7:30am: The first thing I do when I sit down is write in my Daily Deposit. This is where I write down what I’m grateful for that day, personal development inspiration, my “game day list” (my to-do’s for that day), and my daily affirmations. I have seen a crazy amount of improvement in my mood, mindset & productivity levels ever since I started journaling first thing in the morning. After I finish writing in my DD, I open up my Erin Condren planner + Google Calendar to see what I have going on for that day. Finally, I’ll look at my phone (notice I haven’t looked at it yet!) - catch up on social media, answer DM’s & emails and get BPN’s social content ready for the day, along with my own!

8:00am: Time to get my word count in! For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently writing a non-fiction book! I’ve quickly learned that under a deadline, I write best first thing in the morning. My mind is fresh, my creativity is high - and the words just pour out! (most days, ha!) I keep my phone on “do not disturb” - and try my best not to get distracted by it until I hit my word count goal for the day.

I usually write until about 9am - and then I get ready for the day while listening to a podcast, cook breakfast — which usually consists of eggs, toast & bacon and then head into the warehouse for the rest of the day’s work with the BPN team!

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