My Current Skincare Routine Favorites


By now, you girls know that I mean business when it comes to skincare! I am all about preventing all of the aging things while I can - and that means starting NOW! I may only be 26 years old, but now is the time to take care of it and be mindful of the products I do, and don’t use. And I’m not just talking about our faces - don’t forget your neck & chest too, girl!

Below are some of my current can’t-live-without skincare favorites for both morning & night - click the photos to shop!

Disclaimer: YES, I know that a lot of these products are pricy. BUT: Skincare is super important to me and I see it as an investment and a way to put off spending money on other things (like botox!) There are tons of more affordable products, but these products are truly worth the $$$ in my opinion!




Stefany Banda