My Favorite Hair Products

A girl can never have too many hair tips or recommendations, right?! For starters, I'll tell you a little about my hair. It's not too thick, and not too thin - I would say it's pretty in-between. I have that annoying natural hair that isn't straight enough to wear it naturally straight, but it's definitely not curly enough to wear it naturally curly. SO, that's why I'm forced to style it almost everyday if I want to look halfway presentable. UGH, to the in-between hair. Due to the fact that I have to style it so much, my main issue is dry-ness & breakage (aka, hair growth). I'm a natural brunette, but highlight my hair (balayage) about 3-4 times a year. I feel like my hair has been the same dang length ever since I can remember! I'm pretty good at getting routine trims - but for some reason, my hair can never really get past that medium-length. I've grown to be happy with it, I would rather rock and be confident with my natural style than deal with the hassle of extensions, and the worry about them showing or falling out!

While every beautiful head of hair is unique in its own way - here are a few products that I religiously use & have loved from the beginning! (Click on the photo for a direct link to buy!)


From the drug store to the salon - I think I've tried every shampoo & conditioner under the sun! I always hated spending a lot of money on shampoo & conditioner, because a cheap, drug store brand will do the job - UNTIL I started using these. DISCLAIMER: These are by no means, cheap. They are expensive. Stupid expensive! BUT, I wouldn't share this with you if I didn't truly love & believe in the product, and these have changed my hair for the better so much! The Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture & Control have transformed my hair - truly. They leave my hair about 5x silkier, moisturized, and less frizzy. They smell good, and don't leave any residue behind after washing out. With increased moisture, I've seen less breakage, which will hopefully lead to increased hair growth! For me, it's totally been worth the investment. Because I do get blonde/golden highlights, about once every four washes, I will condition my hair with the Bob Vivant Color Shine blue mask - to keep my blonde from getting brassy and dull. And finally, a girl’s gotta have dry shampoo - and my favorite is Batiste!


When it comes to styling, I'm a loose, beach-waves gal. Straight hair just doesn't make me feel as confident! I don't know how to properly use a real curling iron for the life of me, so this Dry Bar Styling Wand has been a LIFE SAVER for me. It's easy to use, and gives me the perfect sized waves. To ensure that my waves hold, I'll use the Aveda Smooth Infusion serum on my hair (when it's damp, before drying) and that has really helped limit the frizz. It also serves as my heat protectant before styling my hair. As far as hairspray goes, I have used this L'Oreal Elnett hairspray for as long as I can remember! I swear it's like SUPER GLUE for your hair! The best part is that you can actually brush your curls out after using the hairspray, which leaves them super soft, AND the curl still holds. None of that sticky, stiff, dried glue feeling with this hairspray.


If you guys watch my Instagram stories, you know that I am all about striving for volume, especially in this Texas humid, hot summer! These products below are my little volume-army! The Dry Bar Triple Sec texturizing spray is hands down, the best smelling product I've ever used! It really thickens, texturizes & leaves your hair much more voluminous. The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is a product that I was actually a little hesitant to use at first, but if you use the right amount & use it properly, it holds volume all day long! AMEN. DEFINITELY use this with caution, it really "grits" up your hair - so too much, is well...way too much. If I have extra time, I'll use the Dry Bar High Tops rollers & my Revlon Round Brush to really pamper myself with the full blowout treatment!


It's all about the little things, right?! I love the Hair, Skin and Nails gummies by Nature's Bounty. They are yummy & provide me with my daily dose of Biotin! As far as brushing out my hair after I wash it, I only use this Wet Brush - it's super gentle and detangles my hair with ease. Part of keeping my hair healthy, has been about washing it LESS! It takes a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it & your natural hair oils adjust, it really helps a ton. Using a shower cap on days that I don't wash my hair has been super convenient. About twice a month, I'll sleep in the Living Proof Restore mask treatment - it provides my hair with a little extra love, strength & moisture. And finally, to protect my hair from all of the heat damage - the MorrocanOil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant. It’s so important to protect your hair prior to styling it with heat.

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