Why You Need a Facial Steamer!

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If you follow me on Instagram - you've seen my latest obsession...my facial steamer! I didn't even know that facial steamers existed until I heard The Skinny Confidential's Lauren Bosstick mention that it's totally been a game-changer in her skincare routine, and I can officially say: I completely agree!

For the past few months, I've made skincare & the overall health of my skin a huge priority. I know I'm only 25 years old - but I can see some of the effects that sun exposure (and aging!) is having on my skin. Aging is natural, and I'm not afraid of it - but I want my skin to age as gracefully as possible...so taking care of it is super important to me.

Back to the facial steamer - this lil' guy is a miracle worker. I think I've tried just about every skincare product, fad, and brand there is. I've spent $100 on a tiny bottle of facial serum, and I've spent $8 on drugstore moisturizer. But what I'm learning - is that less is more...and once you find something that works, stick with it - and don't experiment with a bunch of other crazy products! While the facial steamer may seem extra AF and complex..it's really not. It's just steam - which is essentially hot water!

So you're probably asking...why do I need this? What does it do? WELL, let me tell you! 

The Benefits

The steam softens the surface of your skin & opens up your pores... which makes removing impurities, bacteria and dirt from your pores much easier and more effective. Think of it as a deep-cleaning, toxin-removing, acne-preventing tool!

When & How Often to Steam

I use my facial steamer about two times a week, usually when I have some extra time in the evening to run through my longer, more extensive skincare routine. I'll do this after the shower, so my skin is free from all makeup, dirt, and oil from the day. You want your skin to be as clean as a whistle before you steam. After I steam, that's when I'll exfoliate or apply a facial mask. Another time I always steam - after traveling! It's the best way to remove all toxins after spending time on an airplane or in an airport.

The Results

For me, I've seen FAR less (almost zero) breakouts and blemishes after using my steamer 1-2 times a week consistently. I always used to think my skin felt clear after my skincare routine, but this just takes it to a whole new level.

Pricing & Where to Buy a Steamer:

I've found that Facial Steamers can range greatly in price. I've seen more high-end steamers around and over $100 dollars...which I wasn't all about. SO, I opted for a cheaper version that I found on Amazon for only $33.99! I have no complaints, so I definitely recommend opting for the more affordable option, because it really only has one job - and this one does it well. You can purchase the steamer that I use here.

And there you have it y'all! I hope this answers your questions & encourages you to incorporate steaming into your skincare routine. I'd love to hear about some of your must-haves when it comes it skincare, so please drop a comment below so we can benefit from each other's  skincare secrets!