My Eyelash Journey: You Name It, I've Tried it!

I’m a biggggg eyelash girl. I like em’ long, luscious, and looking pretty all of the time! In the past few years, having the “perfect” eyelashes has become a huge trend - a trend that I am totally onboard with. I have always thought that having long, voluminous lashes can add a really pretty, feminine effortless touch to any look!

Over the past few years - I’ve tried it all. Drugstore mascaras, high-end expensive mascaras, fiber mascara, falsies, lash extensions, lash boost…you name it - I’ve tried it. So today, I’m going to share with you my tips, tricks, and not-so-pretty pictures throughout my eyelash journey. LOL, yes, I just said eyelash journey. (if you don't want all of the details, just scroll down to the bottom for the photos!)

My Eyelash Extensions Experience

I got my first set of eyelash extensions after I got one of my first “big girl” paychecks after graduating from college. At that time, it was about 2015 - and it wasn’t really a “thing” yet. I didn’t know the difference between “classic” and “volume” - so I went in, took her recommendation with the “classic” set, and came out with long, wispy lashes. I thought they were pretty, but I still felt like I needed to use mascara…which was what I was hoping to eliminate. They didn’t last very long, and it got really awkward-looking when they started to fall out, so I opted out of eyelash extensions and went back to my normal natural lashes.

Fast forward about 2 years - my cousin started an eyelash extension business out of her home. She needed a few girls to “practice on” for no charge, so of course I was down! She sold me the minute I walked in the door and saw her “volume” full set - they were exactly what I always wanted. Thick, dark, curly, but not so dramatic that you look like you’re getting ready to walk a red carpet when you’re really just going to Kroger for toothpaste.

That same day, I walked out HOOKED! I didn’t care how much it cost, I was going to make it work. I didn’t have to use mascara, I never had “raccoon” eyes, they stayed on for 3 weeks, and I got to sleep an extra 15 minutes in the morning because I didn’t need as much makeup. It was great - but dang, it was expensive! (or so I thought, at the time). I was spending about $60-$75 every 3-4 weeks for a fill. Not to mention, the fills took quite some time. I would have to carve out about 1-2 hours for each fill session. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I kept going back to my cousin for about four months, and then I made the move to Nashville. I figured moving to a city like Nashville, a city filled with celebrities and fashion bloggers, I would have no problem finding my new “lash girl”. Well - turns out, I did.

I tried about 5 different lash artists throughout my year in Nashville - I just couldn’t find the perfect fit. I would love them all at first, but some lashes wouldn’t stay - some wouldn’t be long enough - some would be too long, and some were just too expensive. I’m talking $100 per fill. It definitely wasn’t one of the most financially-responsible decisions I’ve made. 

I finally found a lash artist that worked for me - so I stuck with her. About three fills later, I noticed some minor swelling the morning after I had a fill. I thought maybe it was one-time glitch, or allergies, so I kept going back. After each and every fill, the swelling got worse, and worse. So I decided to switch lash artists to see if that was the problem.

Well, it wasn’t - and it turns out that my eyes had developed a severe allergic reaction to the adhesive they were using. I’ve read that this is actually pretty common for girls with extensions. I had lash artists try different glues, different lashes, etc. - to see if they could find a solution. But no luck, and my eyes were slowly starting to hate me for it.

After about 10 months of lashes - I gave it up. I seriously looked like I was aging from the allergic reactions. It was obvious that my body just wasn’t going to put up with the extensions - so I decided to throw in the towel, and be re-introduced to my natural lashes.

It was terrifying at first - I was used to beautiful, thick, long lashes…so of course my natural ones felt extra-short, stubby and thin. I know it may sound a tad dramatic, but I immediately felt significantly less confident without my lashes. BUT, I will say: rubbing my eyes and sleeping on my face once in a while felt good. Real good.

Rodan & Fields Lash Boost

*Just a little disclaimer, I have no affiliation with Rodan & Fields. I don’t sell the products and I never will - I just truly believe in this product! 

Right around the same time I was starting to embrace my natural lashes again, my mom started using Rodan & Field’s Lash Boost. I saw it everywhere on Facebook - but I didn’t really believe all of the hype…until I saw my mom’s lashes in person!

I couldn’t BELIEVE it. She always had short, thinner eyelashes. Now, she had dark, thick, almost too-long lashes. I was convinced - and was immediately pulling out my credit card to purchase my own bottle of Lash Boost. 

I’ve been using Lash Boost for about 4 months - and I can confidently tell you that the hype is real! I’ve seen amazing results using Lash Boost - my lashes are naturally longer, stronger and thicker than they have ever been. With the help of a little mascara - I can get the “lash extension” look in just minutes.  One bottle is around $120 dollars, but I’m on month four and am still using my first bottle…a little truly goes a long way! Not only were my eyes happier, but so was my wallet.

So if you are an ex-extension addict like myself, I highly recommend using Lash Boost to achieve that look that you’ve always loved. If you need a rep to purchase Lash Boost from, e-mail me and I can hook you up!

Finding the Right Mascara

Lash Boost gave me the lashes - but now all I needed was to find the perfect mascara to get that next-level length & volume I was looking for. I’m all for quality products, but I also don’t love to spend an arm & leg on a tube of mascara. Here are some of my favorite mascaras - varying in price, depending on your budget:

1. L'Oreal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara - $9.75

2. Trish McEvoy High-Volume Mascara - $31.50

3. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara - $30.52

Curl em, girl!

I grew up watching my mom curl her eyelashes - but I never really tried it myself. I thought I was just stuck with super straight lashes. Well, let me tell ya - it makes all the difference! My favorite tip for extra-curly lashes, is to warm up your lash curler with your blowdryer for about 30 seconds before curling your lashes. The heat really locks in the curl & gives you a long lasting curl for the entire day.

For Special Events

Everyone needs to go full-glam once in a while - and when that’s the case for me, I’ll occasionally opt for falsies for a more dramatic, glam look. I used to use strip lashes - until one of my best beauty-guru friends, Paige, told me I was doing it all wrong. She showed me how to use and apply single-lash falsies, which look much more natural than the strip ones. You can get a pack of single-lash falsies for less than $10 dollars at your local drugstore. 

At the end of the day - I am all for whatever makes us girls feel confident. Whether it's lashes, no lashes, makeup, no makeup, you do you girl! I personally feel better than ever with my natural lashes - no secrets, no fake or false lashes, just me & the lashes I was given! I’d love to hear your tips & tricks when it comes to lashes - drop them in the comments below so we can share the lash love! xo