My $8 Teeth Whitening Secret!


Everyone wants a dazzling white smile, right?! But how are we ever supposed to know what actually works? From white strips, to home remedies, to overly expensive seems that we are always looking for the best way to get those pearly whites. But what do most of those methods have in common? They're expensive! But don't worry - I have found the best, most affordable, and most effective way to get the white smile you've always wanted!

I first heard of this little tube of miracles about 5 years ago from my Aunt - at the time, I was white-stripes obsessed but I wasn't loving the results I (wasn't) getting for the amount I was spending. She recommended this 5 minutes speed whitening gel...and I've never used anything else!

Not only in this stuff super cheap, but it's so easy & quick to use! You no longer have to walk around your house for an hour with white strips - all it takes is 5 minutes.

I'll use this gel a few times a month, or whenever I'm wanting my smile to be a bit brighter before a special occasion or event. Personally, I just squeeze a small amount of the gel directly on my teeth from the tube (top and bottom teeth) right before I jump in the shower (this is a good time to do it, because you don't have to talk to anyone!), let it sit for 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. If you prefer to get the gel trays, that works too! I started off using the trays, but found that it got kind of messy and squeezing it directly on my teeth did the trick just as well.

And that's it! I swear by this secret and I'll never use anything else! You can most likely find it at your local drugstore, but it's just as cheap on Amazon and you can get it delivered right to your door step!

Buy it here!

Buy the gel with the rinse & tray included, here!

Happy Whitening! xoxo

Stefany Banda